We embrace what we consider to be our responsibility as a Canadian business to balance profits with environmental and social dividends. We believe that our long-term economic prosperity depends on our ability to preserve and improve the quality of life and health of the environment within our communities. The principles of a green approach, smart growth and sustainable design are all essential elements of our business plan. We understand the economics of the triple bottom line approach and we have the experience, vision and drive to deliver on it.




At D.R. Coell & Associates we are committed to only printing appraisal and consulting reports upon request to ensure we cut down on in-house paper waste. To further reduce our environmental impact, our firm has invested in, and maintains modern, digitalized database software that reduces our need for the so called ‘old school’ type of paper format real estate data. In addition, we provide multiple donations to several different local and recognizable causes such as the Victoria Hospice to give back to the community.


In November 2013, D.R. Coell & Associates partnered up with Change Heroes (www.changeheroes.com) and initiated its campaign to raise $10,000 to build a brand new school in Kenya for thousands of less fortunate children so that they too can have access to education in a clean and safe environment. We are very excited to complete this campaign and hope to build many more schools around the world in the future. We invite you to visit our online campaign page by clicking the link below:







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