David A. Aberdeen, AACI, P. App
Senior Associate


ExperienceHeadshots 2016-8

Twenty-Five (25) years private fee appraisal experience providing market value estimates for a wide variety of property types including industrial, commercial, office, agricultural and residential. Well developed expertise in the appraisal of wireless communication sites, development land, agricultural properties and forested lands. Recognized as having special expertise in the calculation of damages for delay in the development of lands due to public infrastructure projects.

Specialization in valuations involving complex property issues, development land and litigation assignments including expropriations (total and partial takings), lease arbitrations, civil litigation and insurance claims.

Retained to provide appraisal review services in relation to disputes between private parties, government bodies and actions against realtors and appraisers, involving large forested acreages, lakefront properties, riverfront properties, golf courses, oceanfront water access only lands, and a variety of urban properties.

Accepted as an expert witness in property valuation before the British Columbia Supreme Court, the British Columbia Expropriation Compensation Board and private arbitrations.

Nineteen (19) years experience as Property Agent/Negotiator for government bodies providing property valuation and negotiation expertise for the purpose of acquiring land for public use. Negotiated settlements include properties and owners with high public profiles and multi-million dollar compensation packages. Claims successfully settled include those for land, buildings, timber, gravel, minerals, flooding and groundwater contamination.

Seventeen (17) years experience as Expropriation Consultant/Negotiator for government bodies negotiating final settlements of compensation with claimants and/or their representatives relating to expropriated properties and damage claims as well as assisting legal counsel in preparations for and attendance at trials, appeals, arbitrations and Expropriation Compensation Board compensation and cost hearings where settlements are not reached. Attended with and assisted legal counsel in litigation procedures arising from the Expropriation Act in proceedings before the BC Court of Appeal, BC Supreme Court, BC Expropriation Compensation Board and private arbitrations.

Seven (7) years experience managing land acquisition programs for major public infrastructure programs encompassing all issues and areas of the property acquisition process, including planning and overseeing the execution of the land acquisition strategy, developing compensation policies, managing employees and sub consultants, reporting, budgeting and forecasting of expenditures.

Invited guest speaker on property valuation, acquisition issues and project delivery to the British Columbia Expropriation Association Fall Seminars (2001, 2003, 2005, 2013) and Appraisal Institute of Canada National Conference (2007).