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Cases of the influenza strain H1N1 and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are both rising, with children testing positive for RSV in high numbers. There are also other cold viruses circulating, including adenovirus and enteroviruses and para influenza.

Henry asked people to get immunized before Christmas to better protect themselves, family and especially vulnerable people over the holiday season. The updated COVID-19 shots containing the XBB strain are meant to train a person’s immune system to recognize the slightly different strains that are circulating right now.

Henry also suggested that those who develop a cough, runny nose, fatigue and especially a fever stay home or postpone holiday parties or other plans.

“A fever is generally an indication that you have something that may be transmissible to others,” she said.

As of Sunday, more than 1.4 million influenza vaccines and almost 1.3 million updated COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in B.C., said Henry. The province has received 2.3 million doses of influenza vaccine and more than 2.6 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

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