Residential Appraisals

Determining fair market value.

Know your home’s worth.

Our residential property appraisers are experts in all types of homes and can provide invaluable insight pertaining to buying, selling, renting, building or renovating your home. By providing objective, professional opinions of value, we provide all stakeholders with peace of mind, knowing that a home appraisal completed by D.R. Coell & Associates is of the highest quality and accuracy.


  • A Wealth of Historic Data
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    Depending on the circumstances surrounding the need for an appraisal, the market value estimate may need to be retrospective, current or prospective to meet your requirements. Our appraisers have decades of collective experience, and as one of Victoria’s longest-running appraisal firms, we have access to a wealth of historic data as well as incredible industry connections and resources to determine market value at the required date.

  • Helping Sellers
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    Before you consider selling, obtaining an appraiser’s opinion of potential market value can provide insight into the residential market in your area.  This insight can influence your decision: is it the right time to sell or better to hold onto the property? An objective opinion of value when you’re ready to list will provide you with the most accurate and fair price for your home and will facilitate a timely transaction at market value. Without advice and a home appraisal from an appraiser, sellers are at risk of under-listing and losing money, or over-listing and not selling.

  • Guiding Buyers
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    When you have found a home you would like to purchase, an appraisal report from our experts can provide you with confidence, assuring you that you’re not overpaying. Further, a residential appraisal from an accredited appraiser is required to obtain financing if you’re seeking a mortgage. We have been providing residential appraisals for mortgage financing in Victoria for decades, and we understand banks, credit union and independent lenders’ requirements. With a reputation backed by quality work, an appraisal from D.R. Coell can provide access to funding in a timely fashion.

  • Settling Estates
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    Estate appraisals are typically conducted on a retrospective basis, as at the date of death. For final probate, an estimate of the current market value is required for estate taxes. An estate appraisal is a critical legal document to settle a will or complete probate. Our residential team provides accurate reports with the highest standard of professionalism and sensitivity to our clients’ needs during this difficult time as well as efficient turnaround times to facilitate the legal process. 

  • Facilitating New Home Construction
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    Our appraisers can provide consulting and market valuations on an ‘as proposed’ basis to determine the value of your proposed home. It’s important to consider that the cost of a renovation project does not necessarily add equivalent value to your property. In some cases, an elaborate or specific renovation may diminish the value of your property.

    Should you choose to proceed with a new construction project, an appraisal and regular progress reports provided to your lender will provide timely access to construction draws and funding for your project.

  • Going Where We’re Needed
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    We’re based in beautiful Victoria, BC, but our appraisers are equipped with the technology to serve our clients across Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. No matter where your residential property is located, we’ll come to you.

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