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Whether you require a full narrative appraisal or simply seek advice, our team delivers accurate and timely appraisal services that will help you better understand your property and guide your business decisions accordingly.

Featured Services

Commercial Appraisals

By extracting market knowledge from several comprehensive resources, we provide our clients with a strong understanding of their assets and value on which to base their decisions.

Property Tax Appeals

We have extensive experience navigating the appeal process and reducing the tax liability of our clients for years to come.

Insurance Appraisals

We protect your real estate investment by providing an accurate estimate of replacement cost. Ensure you have adequate protection in case of a loss and that you’re not overpaying on premiums.

Depreciation Reports

Regular, up-to-date Depreciation Reports provide invaluable financial forecasting, providing you with an inventory of physical property and a clear, concise plan for long and short-term maintenance. 

Residential Appraisals

D.R. Coell and Associates provides professional real estate appraisals and consulting services for all types of residential properties.

We provide consulting and appraisal services for:

  • checkmark icon Purchase and Sale
  • checkmark icon Depreciation Reports
  • checkmark icon Financing
  • checkmark icon Estate Planning
  • checkmark icon Assessment and Appraisal Review
  • checkmark icon Rental Review
  • checkmark icon Development Cost
  • checkmark icon Litigation
  • checkmark icon Portfolio Review
  • checkmark icon Expropriation
  • checkmark icon Arbitration
  • checkmark icon First Nations’ Interests
  • checkmark icon Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • checkmark icon Asset Transfers
  • checkmark icon Lease Negotiation
  • checkmark icon Insurance
  • checkmark icon Disposition
  • checkmark icon Conservation Covenants
  • checkmark icon Real Property Counselling

Asset classes appraised:

  • checkmark icon Industrial
  • checkmark icon Office
  • checkmark icon Retail
  • checkmark icon Apartments
  • checkmark icon New Construction
  • checkmark icon Owner/User
  • checkmark icon Commercial Stratas
  • checkmark icon Land (Serviced/Unserviced)
  • checkmark icon Hotels
  • checkmark icon Special Use (Self Storage, Seniors Housing, Car Washes, Banks, Grocery Stores, Gas Bars, etc.)
  • checkmark icon Residential

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